Solar Power From The Patriot Power Generator Is Great

​Being one who is trying to reduce his carbon footprint, I find the Patriot Power Generator to be pretty interesting.  Basically it is a solar (non-gas) power generator - that can be used during emergencies or just for a lot of normal activities with just sunlight.

How cool is that.  Sunlight is free, power is not.  Well now it is...

The main thing that has kept me from actually incorporating solar into my life more is the complications of getting your own panels, somehow making them convert the power to usable AC power and then somehow storing that power in a DC battery- which can be used as AC power in the future.

Just typing that gave me a bit of a headache.

Which is why I LOVE the Patriot Power Generator.

All I have to do is put the solar panels in the sun, and plug in my devices.  The unit does the rest.

Patriot Power Generator

​While it may seem on the surface to be a bit expensive, the power savings will quickly add up allowing the unit to pay for itself, especially in a life threatening emergency situation.

You can watch this video with more details on the Patriot Power Generator here: