Update to my Patriot Power Generator post…

A while ago I posted about my interest in the Patriot Power Generator and have to say I like it even more now that I have been using it for a while. With that being said, I also found this site with a full review of the Patriot Power Generator and have to say it is spot on and reflects my experience using this clean solar generator.

Unless you can tell what I really think, just know that this thing is amazing. I can re-use clean energy from the Sun to power things I use on a daily basis.

This thing is amazing and I think you will feel the same.

If I want coffee – I plug in my coffee maker to this thing and boom – I have coffee with no power from the grid.

I even was cold a few days ago and was able to power a portable heater in my office using just power from the Sun.

This doesn’t even address the time I took this bad boy camping and pretty much lived off the power grid for 3-4 days and was still able to watch TV, cook food and even warm up my tent.

Talk about a great product. So if you haven’t been serious about checking this out, I suggest you drop whatever you are doing and do your research.